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MailFS™ - Using mail box as your storage

This is the web page for MailFS. It is free software, distributed under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License .

MailFS runing under Linux/FreeBSD or Microsoft Windows box

The current version of MailFS is 0.1-dev, not released yet.

MailFS under heavey development; You may find bugs in it, and the features and source code may change significantly in future releases. We are very interested in getting feedback on how to improve MailFS. Send your comments to .


  • Support gmail or any other mail service provider which support pop3(s) and smtp(s)
  • Using cache for improve browse speed
  • Compress data for improve capacity & speed
  • File name using UTF-8, no language or length limit
  • User can choice data block size
  • SHA256 for file integrity check
  • Redundance metadata for detect and correct silent meta data corruption
  • Under system which support fuse(Linux/FreeBSD), you can using it as local disk
  • Under microsoft windows system, you can using it as shell extensions in file manager


Changes since project registered:

  • import sha256
  • import rzip 2.0
  • import bzip2 1.0.3
  • initialize directory structure

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