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Contributing to MailFS™

If you have a bug fix or feature enhancement you would like to contribute, we would be happy to consider it for inclusion.

Preparing a patch

The best way to send an enhancement is to create a patch against the latest code in the MailFS CVS repository.  Just run the command cvs diff from the root of your CVS working directory and redirect the output to a file.  Instructions for checking out the latest MailFS source code can be found on the project CVS web page.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your patch:

  • Generate the patch using the "-c" or "-u" option to cvs diff.
  • Use the same indentation style as the source file(s) you are modifying.  In particular, please use spaces (not tabs) to indent your code; 4 spaces per indent level.
  • If at all possible, avoid making whitespace modifications.
  • Small patches are appreciated.
  • Following these guidelines makes it much easier for us to incorporate new code.

How to submit a patch

Patches may be submitted through the Patches ??? tracker on the sourceforge project page.

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